Approval for subsidy project: Demonstration Logistics Center for Processing Sea Vegetables

In collaboration with Murre Technologies, North Sea Farmers and SeaweedTech, Dutch Seaweed Group has received approval from the Province of Zeeland for the project: Zoute Teelten – Logistiek Centrum for processing Sea Vegetables. The objective of this demonstration project is twofold.

In terms of innovation, the objective is to develop a high-tech process line - including various processing procedures, an energy-efficient drying process and associated control software - for the large-scale processing of salt product. The other objective is sustainable economic structure reinforcement and stimulation of innovation in the strong Zeeland agrofood and aquaculture sector.

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In Zeeland, there is a need for a fully equipped logistics center to process saline and saline crops in full compliance with strict food safety regulations, in order to be able to safely market these products. The aim of the project is to facilitate the processing of various locally found and emerging saline and saline crops, as well as future saline products found at home and abroad.

This project was made possible in part by a subsidy from the Province of Zeeland.

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