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Hatchery & Farm

Our hatchery is located on the Oosterschelde. Here we grow starting material of different types of seaweed all year round. In 2021 we began growing Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) and Royal Kombu (Saccharina latissima) for the farms in the Oosterschelde. In the coming years this will expand to include other varieties.

Our mother plants come from the environment and are propagated in the hatchery and grown into a gametophyte culture. We keep these cultures until we want to start fertilization. After fertilization, the young sporophytes are sprayed on seed lines and grown in the hatchery until the young plants are robust enough to be hung out in the farms.

Zeewierfarm Dutch Seaweed Group
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When the seaweeds are large enough, they are harvested by the BRU22 and taken to processing in our facility in Yerseke. Here we process seaweed and sea vegetables according to our customer's requirements.

We work closely with partners from the business community, universities and colleges.

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