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When the seaweeds are full grown, they are harvested by the vessel BRU22 and its crew and taken to our facility in Yerseke for processing. We can process seaweed and (sea) vegetables according to our customer's requirements. Our capacity includes washing, cutting, blanching, drying, flaking and sieving, packaging and freezing according to BRCGS Food and SKAL organic standards.

Washing & cleaning

Seaweed will arrive at our factory in big bags, from which it will be washed and transported on mesh conveyor belts to washing tubs. 


When washed, the clean seaweed is transported to a cutting machine. We can cut to different sizes for salad or other applications.

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We can blanch seaweed as whole or roughly cut plant in our worm blancher, or we can blanch fine cut seaweed with our belt blancher. 

After blanching the seaweed is immediately cooled and washed with cold water in a washer, then transported to a tub by a dewatering shaker.


When our product is clean and cut, we can package and freeze it for later processing. Another option is to dry it in our newly build heatpump dryer with a capacity of max. 50kg water removal per hour and up to 1000kg wet product per drying session. With this dryer we can dry many different products in a temperature range of 30 - 75°C. 

Flaking & Sieving

Immediately after drying the product is transported into the flaking machine where it is broken and blown through a metal detector into sieves of different sizes. 

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Packaging and storage

We package our product in a separate room from the processing area. Here we vacuum seal wet product, prepare and package salted seaweed, and package dried product in sealed bags. after packaging the product goes through a metal detector, is labelled and stored in boxes.

We work closely with partners from the business community, universities and colleges.

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