Freshly Frozen

Our seaweeds are washed and if desired, cut and blanched after which it can be dried or frozen in bags. Our freshly frozen seaweed is available in bags of 5 or 10 kg. 


IMG 6261

Freshly frozen Wakame

koken met zeewier bevroren wakame

Cooking with Wakame

Royal Kombu

RK Frozen

Freshly frozen Royal Kombu

koken met zeewier royal kombu

Cooking with Royal Kombu

Sea lettuce

Ulva frozen

Freshly frozen Sea Lettuce

3home afbeeldingen 1 dutch seaweed
3home afbeeldingen 2 dutch seaweed
3home afbeeldingen 3 dutch seaweed
3home afbeeldingen 4 dutch seaweed


Postbus 500, 2990 AMĀ  Barendrecht

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