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To guarantee the best quality and a continuous supply, we work closely with other European seaweed farms. Through this network we are able to supply our customers an extensive range of seaweeds including, Sea Lettuce, Nori and Dulse.

These partners are carefully selected to ensure transparency, quality, health, and sustainability, at all times.

We also work together with local growers of sea vegetables such as glasswort, sea lavender and sea fennel.

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Dulse belongs to the red algae variant and has a deep reddish, brown color. It is a perennial plant and is shaped like a hand or fan. The leaves are flat and are about 30 cm long. Dried Dulse has a deep red, black color. The taste is often described as smoky or full and resembles the flavor of salty bacon. Dulse can be harvested from summer to mid-autumn and is characterized by its relatively high protein content and the highest iron content of all dietary sources.

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Sea lettuce

Sea lettuce is one of the better-known types of green algae. Although it is not a real lettuce, the green color makes it look like lettuce. Sea lettuce has green, thin but broad leaves and can grow up to half a meter long. It falls under the summer algae and can be harvested several times. The taste of Sea Lettuce is described as fresh or strong and can be used well as a seasoning.

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Just like Sea lettuce, Nori also belongs to the green algae. However, Nori is only green when the algae are still young. As they get older, the color gets darker. The leaves of Nori are thin, irregular, and broad and can grow between 5 and 45 cm long. Nori can be harvested from early spring to late summer. When the leaves are dried, they turn a black, purplish color. The dried sheets are often used in dishes or eaten as a snack. The taste of Nori has been described as light or olive-like. Nori is also one of the seaweeds with the highest protein content. In some cases, as much as 50% of its weight.

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Sea vegetables

In addition to seaweeds, there are also many sea vegetables available. Samphire, sea lavender, sea bananas and sea fennel are all types of sea vegetables and are characterized by their salty taste of the sea. They can be used in various dishes and are prized by the catering industry. By working together with local parties anb suppliers, we can offer various sea vegetables. Would you like to know more about sea vegetables and what you can do with them? Feel free to contact us!

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