About Dutch Seaweed Group

The Dutch Seaweed Group was established in 2020 succeeding Seaweed Harvest Holland. John van Leeuwen †, successfully put seaweed on the map in the Netherlands through Seaweed Harvest Holland. Based on the objective of doing more in the field of sustainability and impact on the earth, we will continue to carry out his work and move forward environmentally. We are looking for the best applications with energy and enthusiasm.

Sustainable & innovative

As an innovative partner in seaweed, our objective is to produce local, sustainable seaweed from our own farm in the Oosterschelde.

With our seaweed of sustainable quality, we are now in search of partners and customers who are open to all the wonderful applications of seaweed.

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We firmly believe that seaweed can have a huge impact on our society in many ways.

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Pure nature, 100% transparent and traceable.

We take care of the entire route from the hatchery to processing ourselves, so that quality and traceability can always be guaranteed. During our process no land, fresh water or fertilizers are used. Everything is done by the force of nature itself, just as it should be.

We firmly believe that seaweed can have a huge impact on our society in many ways.

While everyone is looking for sustainable solutions to improve the world, we are contributing to this by growing our seaweed sustainably. The more seaweed, the more solutions! We are ready for everyone who shares these thoughts, after all, together we can make far more impact than alone.

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