The Sustainable Development Goals are 17 goals to make the world a better place by 2030. These goals have been drawn up by the countries that are members of the United Nations. Seaweed has common ground with many of these 17 SDGs. Here is an overview of a number of goals that seaweed fits in best.

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Goal 2. No Hunger

Because seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals and has a low-fat content, seaweed has the potential to make a major contribution as a sustainable food source. By looking innovatively at new ways of growing food, we can not only offer new food sources but also contribute to the environment.

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Goal 12. Responsible consumption and production

Because our seaweed grows in open waters, it does not take up any land. Additionally, no fertilizers or fresh water are used and all seaweeds grow purely in Dutch waters. We strive for a value chain with a minimal (environmental) footprint. Seaweed contributes to this through healthy, sustainable and local applications in both production and consumption.

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Goal 13. Climate action

We are all dealing with climate change, the impact of which is increasing. Because seaweed is a natural product and has a purifying effect, it can make a major positive contribution in the fight against climate change. As the Dutch Seaweed Group, we are also contributing to this.

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Goal 14. Life in the water

The oceans are the engines that make the earth habitable for both humans and animals. The earth's surface consists of 75% ocean and seas, which together absorb 30% of all CO2. In addition, the oceans supply a large part of our oxygen. Due to the presence of algae there is life in the water. With our seaweed farm we not only contribute to CO2 absorption, but our seaweed also contributes to the recovery of water zones and provides a safe habitat for all marine life.

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Goal 15. Life on land

Because our seaweeds do not grow on land, they can potentially mean a lot for life on land. One of the uses of seaweed is that it can be used as a fossil fuel and as a sustainable, ecological pesticide. Beyond this, seaweed supports the health of animals on land. Also, the cultivation of seaweed does not take up scarce agricultural land.

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Goal 17. Partnership to achieve the goals

To learn as much as possible about the world of seaweed and make a difference, Dutch Seaweed Group works together with partners. We are involved in projects to cultivate seaweed in open waters and projects about the sustainable applications of seaweed. Together we can achieve more and introduce the world to the beautiful natural product seaweed.

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