As your innovative partner in seaweed, we stand for healthy, sustainable, local seaweed from our farm in the Oosterschelde.

We believe seaweed can have a huge impact on our society on several levels

Following in the footsteps of Seaweed Harvest Holland, we operate the seaweed farm in the Schelphoek. Rich in nutrients, the Oosterschelde lends itself ideally for high quality seaweed. From growing seeds to processing, we control the entire process so that we can provide our customers with the finest Wakame and Royal Kombu. In addition we offer various other species and products which are all cultivated sustainably and of the highest quality.


Our offer

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Services for processing seaweed, fruit and vegetables

Dutch Seaweed Group 6


Seaweed is an incredible product suitable for numerous and varied applications in the field of food, animal feed and cosmetics; and after processing there are many more possible applications including vegetable proteins, bioplastics, paint, biogas and even medication. Are you interested in developing products with seaweed?

Contact us, so we can take seaweed to the next level together.


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